Democracy can no longer “Represent” the People, because Lives are not equal in Capitalism dominated Political Party system

A G Esq
2 min readMay 30, 2020

Let’s not talk about any fanciful conspiracy theories of how cabals of the wealthy are puppeteering political leaders in making policy decisions.

Let’s talk about simple fact of unequal values of lives in Modern America. The reality of Capitalism is that people are valued differently by the system.

Sorry to break to you if this is new to you, but unless you are one of the wealthy elites, your life value is less than the wealthy elites. Insurance companies can actually tell you the worth of your life approximately. This translates to political values.

For example: Jeff Epstein, wealthy financier and convicted sex offender, commits suicide in jail, and jail guards are fired, and FBI start investigating immediately. Months later, jail guards are charged. Some other people, like myself, who might get killed by police on camera? I doubt the system will investigate my death very carefully.

Of course, publicity and media could help my case, but that’s not predictable nor certain. What’s certain is that the System itself doesn’t value my life as equally as Jeff Epstein, wealthy financier and convicted sex offender, even though I have a college degree and have been working and paying taxes since I was 20.

What I am certain of the system is that which almost everyone would agree in America, including those Wealthy…